Pastor’s Report for 2006

oliventrance42.jpgGlory to God!  We held our 1st meeting in the new building on Easter Sunday.  What an exciting day it was.  The church was full and even the Valley news came out and put us on the front page the next day.  I praise God for his great provision.  We were able to put new carpeting, chairs, signs, a piano and even a few new people in the new auditorium.  Unfortunately, I ruptured two discs in my neck a couple of weeks before the move.  Praise God for his grace.


This year our Missions Revival started Thursday evening, May 18th and ended on Sunday, May 21st. Dr. Don Davis, Director of Prayer Baptist Missions International was our main speaker and he brought two families from his mission board.  Joshua Sykes is a young man who is called to plant churches in the Mormon dominated state of Utah.  Marty Goddard is a missionary to Mexico and brought his wife, Dawn, and their five children. Moses Yoder, Pastor of Hardwick Bible Baptist Church, Hardwick, VT opened the conference with a captivating message. It was such a blessing to have our first major conference at our new venue. The kitchen was a real Godsend and we certainly appreciate the folks from our church who work so hard to be a blessing to us and the Lord.


On Sunday, July 16th, during our morning worship, we were pleased to have six families dedicate their children to the Lord Jesus Christ. There were 8 children presented before the Lord.  The Lord has certainly blessed our church with many toddlers as well as newborn babies to fill our nursery.  There are also many new children in our Junior Church Ministry.


We held our annual baptismal service at Storrs Pond in
Hanover, NH. This year we had two of our young men, Andy Kalacinski and Don White come forward for baptism. It was a perfect day to witness these two men publicly affirm their faith. After the Baptism there was a special time of fellowship. There was a cookout provided by our people and we all enjoyed our time in the Lord. Special thanks to Gene and Anna Yeager and their crew.

Although we were all very excited and glad to be in the new building, it seemed as though a lot of us were a little burnt out from the long and drawn out effort of finally moving to Maple Street. But God had a plan far in advance to encourage us.  Dan Meaders was our Revival Speaker from Sunday, October 8th through Thursday Evening, October 12th. Preacher Dan stirred our hearts with Bible messages intended to enhance our spirituality as well as our walk and relationship with the Lord. Each message brought us into His power and presence and reminded us about our calling and purpose.

My prayer for 2007 is that God would save some of our unsaved loved ones, ground our new people and help all of us to live for Jesus.  I truly pray for faithfulness!  Once again, I would like to thank everyone for making OBC a special place to worship and I sincerely thank all of you for your hard work in serving the Lord.


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